Dollar Store Craft For Fall

So Easy and Fun DIY Project

October 4, 2018

Plastic pumpkin bucket I saw a bunch at Goodwill and Dollar Store!
Old newspapers, plastic bags, paper, etc. for stuffing the pumpkin
Duct tape
Spray paint
Hot glue gun ( if you like Modge Podge you could probably use that too. )
Burlap { The original directions say Burlap but I much rather use burlap ribbon instead}
Jute cord
Needle and thread {optional}

1. Remove the plastic handle and stuff the pumpkin with old newspapers and  or some plastic grocery bags. You’re creating a little dome on top, to make it look like it’s the shape of an actual pumpkin

2. Put masking tape over the top.  Hot glue a stem on top of pumpkin.

3. Spray paint your orange dollar store or Goodwill pumpkin any neutral color... White pumpkin seems to be "it" this season.

4. Cut each burlap strip the length of the top of the pumpkin to the bottom.

5. Simply overlap them vertically from top to bottom using that hot glue gun at top and bottom of the pumpkin.

6. Take jute and wrap it around the stem and use a bit of hot glue.

Now you can pin a flower or costume jewelry onto you burlap pumpkin. Fun, cheap and a keeper!