Our Companions Pet Of The Week

This Kitty Is Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

August 21, 2018

Lucas loves to be where the action is! This 8-year-old gray tiger kitty is curious, playful, and loves to be around people. He also enjoys sitting on your lap, so he can head butt you all over and get scratched behind his ears. Lucas is looking for an adult-only home, preferably with experienced “cat people” who can recognize when he’s had enough and needs a break to just chill on the couch. You will get extra points if you are the human who feeds him dinner! He can be a nervous kitty and requests that he be the king of your castle as the one-and-only pet. For more information about adopting this loveable, handsome kitty, please call 860-242-9999 x302 or email caroline@ourcompanions.org.