Cinnamon and Pumpkin In A Jar

Set It and Forget It Until Morning

October 23, 2018


I kpt hearing about overnight oats and looked this up. I have all the ingredients already at home and I am going to throw this together tonight and have a great healthy breakfast in the morning waiting for me.

1/2 Cup(s) Quaker® Oats (quick or old fashioned, uncooked)

2 Tablespoon(s) nonfat milk

1/3 Cup(s) plain nonfat yogurt, traditional or Greek

1/2 Cup(s) pumpkin puree

2 Teaspoon(s) maple syrup

1/4 Teaspoon(s) ground cinnamon

1 Teaspoon(s) raw pumpkin seeds or chopped walnuts

NON Cooking Instructions:

Add oats to a jar or other container. Pour in milk. Layer with yogurt. In small bowl stir together pumpkin, maple syrup and cinnamon; layer over yogurt. Top with pumpkin seeds or walnuts. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy in the morning.