The Summer Of Barn Weddings!

Get ready For Wedding Season and Lots Of Mason Jars.

May 18, 2018

Millennials, in record numbers, are choosing to take their vows and dance the night away under exposed oak beams that  glow in the light of a hundred mason jar candles. I'm talking about getting married in a barn, at a farm or ranch and according to The Knot, It's now about 15 percent of all couples!   As a wedding DJ and Justice Of The Peace I can tell you it isn't just couples that like country music either! This is a way to express a feeling of casual elegance, an almost oraganic feel like, " Oh, look at this barn we just stumbled upon... let's get married here"  Honestly, it is so far opposite of the traditional weddings we are used to and it does lend itself to  a feeling of relaxation and enjoying the moment.  Even if people choose a yard wedding they are making it look "rustic chic" see Pinterest! Lots of mason jars, vintage furniture, chalk boards and bars made out of old wooden barrels.