Think, Feel, Act

Your Thoughts Are Most Powerful!

January 28, 2019

Most of us don't realize that the constant chatter in our brain is a very powerful tool that we can take control of. In fact, I believe that if we do not take control of our thoughts they will stream by almost like a ticker tape and program us with negative self-talk, unrealistic scenarios and many times thoughts that make us stop moving forward! This is not some 'SECRET" it is simple the way the human mind works whatever we think, we then feel, whatever we continually feel, we normally act on.

Here is a scenario.  Thought: I never finish anything

                                Feeling: defeat, blah

                                Act:  I may as well not even start this ( program, book, exercise, routine, diet, ) because.... refer to number #1... I never finish anything!

We have to work hard against this cycle and one way to do that is by programming your thoughts and taking control of them. I love the idea of a vison board and have used it myself, as well as, with many people I have mentored. When you see pictures and words each day, that back up what you want to manifest in your life then you naturally have thoughts that reflect those words and pictures, these create feelings and the actions to back this up will come. Get a poster board, and dream big then start putting the pictures, words, photos you want on a vision board you will see everyday!