Why Filling Out The 2020 Census Gets Us Our Fair Share!

The Census Is Every 10 Years For Vital Programs and services!

July 16, 2020
Why should YOU complete the 2020 Census? 
The information collected in the 2020 U.S. Census determines how federal, state and local governments will spend billions of dollars on critical services for people living in our communities – both here in Connecticut and nationwide! These budget decisions will impact your town, your neighbors, and YOUR FAMILY. But YOU can make a difference! All you have to do is complete the 2020 Census. It only takes a couple of minutes – but it will do a lifetime of good! 
Please go to 2020census.gov to get started!  And, next week, if you're in New Britain ... our friends at Christmas Wish CT are partnering with the City of New Britian on July 21 at 3:00 pm at Chelsey Park, 95 Wildwood St., New Britian. There will be free ice cream for kids, and a chance to learn more about the Census!