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April 10, 2018

I was listening to Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut this morning with Allan, Mike and Mary In the Morning here at LITE, and wow it got me to thinking about all the wonderful things to come with better weather! Connecticut has some of the most beautiful parks and recreational areas and along with them, I grew up hiking in the West Hartford Resevoir, pictured above. There were times I was sure we were lost but as kids you dont really think it through. There was a huge peak we  called Killkenny's Rock and that was the pinnacle, then we could turnaround and go back.  I love hiking but this past weekend I went out to hike and it was just too cold! This weekend is supposed to be warmer with temps possibly hitting the 70's. The hikes I found on ALL TRAILS are from very easy to strenous. All trail heads and maps are color coded and you can find them in any corner of our state. Click the link below and find a gazillion things to do and maps to go with!

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