This Movie Seeks To Answer A Life-Long Question

Finally An Answer!

August 8, 2018

Just had a visit with my Veterinarian this morning and as she looked at my beagle's leg she and I both agreed Shiloh is getting a little older: 12 years old. Don't get me wrong the ol' girl is holding up, but she has most certainly slowed down. I asked my Veterinarian this question that has always stuck with me: Why do dogs only live for a short time when we have to go on without them? As soon as I said it I felt like a 12 year old as a lump formed in my throat. But Dr. knew exactly what I was talking about and said she too had wondered the same thing and mentioned a book and movie by the same name " A Dog's Purpose"   wow! we both became misty. I got into the radio studio this morning and watched the trailer. I want you to watch it too I really like the answer they provide!