Tater Haters: Look Again!

Potatoes Have Some Real Benefits

August 23, 2018

About 7 years ago I went on the Paleo diet and some of the habits I formed have stuck with me long term: limited bread, no rice, no white potatoes,only sweet. Well, according to this article I am reading today from Consumer Reports, us tater haters need to take another look! The bad rap that came to potatoes is due to the way people prepare them: " It’s when people deep-fry them in oil or smother them in butter, sour cream, or salt that spuds turn into nutritional duds." It seems that the potato has many nutritional benefits that I had no idea about. High fiber, very filling, and they are pretty darn cost effective. Still, a bunch of diet experts feel we should limit them due to their high glycemic index rating. You see, when a carb is on the high GI rating side it means we digest it really quickly and that causes insulin to look like a roller caster and can cause a multitude of problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. I am willing to re-visit this and see if i may re introduce potatoes into my diet here and there. Read the full article and see what you think.