Giving Back With The Sandals Foundation

WRCH packs with a purpose

March 12, 2019
Mike and Mary painting

We can all agree that vacation is fun, and when it comes to vacation Sandals resorts are most definitely THE spot to be. There is more to these beautiful islands though than just cocktails and sunshine, there are real people there too. You see them on the way to the resorts, you pass by the little schools and houses and most people don't give it much of a thought. That is where the Sandals Foundation comes in. Before we left home they had asked us to "Pack for a Purpose". For this trip they asked us to pack school supplies, water bottles, and books for the kids that help them learn about saving the planet and caring for the environment. 

Pack for a purpose

On this trip we also had an amazing opportunity. The foundation took us to Ocho Rios Primary School to help the children and volunteers decorate a peace wall. We grabbed some paint brushes and got our hands dirty, painting the designs they had drawn on the wall. 


That wasn't all though. The volunteers, kids and teachers had been collecting their used bottle caps for us to cement to the wall around the designs too. Helping to spread the message of peace, and also to show us yet another creative way we can repurpose things we might not even think twice about throwing away.


The foundation does so much more too. They provide both children and adults with essential tools such as scholarships, supplies, technology, literacy programs, mentorship and teacher training, to help them reach their full potential. Of course as nice as all of this is, you might be wondering if there's anything YOU can do from home! If you think you'd like to make a donation, or learn more about how you can help with their mission,click here! Remember. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.