New Recipe: Cold Sesame Zoodles

New Healthy Recipe to Try!

April 14, 2019

I am sure there are some of you who are going to take one look at the title of this post and say, "EW!! COLD?". I know, I was skeptical about cold noodles in general for a long time. Until one day I went out to a Thai restaurant and they accidentally brought me something I definitely would NOT have ordered, cold sesame noodles. I cringed but I didn't want to waste it so I decided to try it (after all it did SMELL delicious, but... it was cold...). I was SHOCKED at how delicious this was and the whole idea of cold noodles is now something I love!

Of course its not for everyone and that's okay! I've made this recipe both ways, warmed and also cold. I prefer it cold but honestly, as with most of the recipes I follow (and when I say follow I mean very very loosely), you can definitely make this one your own. Add some chicken or tofu, throw some siracha on the top, whatever floats your boat! Click here for the recipe!