Try it Tuesday: Rogue Men's Front Pocket Wallet

A great idea for the hard to shop for man on your list!

November 27, 2018
Try it Tuesday: Front Pocket Wallet

This time of year its crunch time for many of us. Time to buckle down and figure out just what to get for those hard to shop for people on the list. This product is made in Maine, super durable, and fits right inside the front pocket of any men's pants! 

There are a lot of advantages to this style of wallet, particularly if you travel or find yourself in busy places as it deters pickpocketers, who tend to go for the back pockets more commonly. Its also RFID Blocking, so the risk of credit card skimming for identity theft is drastically lessened too! This product gets 8 thumbs up from the Morning Show, what's not to love? For more information or to order one for YOUR holiday shopping list, click here!