Our Companions August Pets of the Month

Meet Pumpkin and Tucker!

August 13, 2020

Our Companions


Susan Linker has selected two beautiful animals looking for furever home this month.  Let's meet them!


Precious Pumpkin would love to be a part of your family! This 12 year old girl is affectionate, kind and always ready to curl up on your lap! She is FIV+ and underwent radiation treatment due to a carcinoma, but is finally gaining her strength and doing great! She’s even growing back her cute fur! With her new start at life, she’s ready to join a family that will love her furever! She would prefer to be the only Pumpkin in the patch and requests no other pets in the home. She’s truly sweeter than pumpkin pie! If you think Pumpkin would be the perfect pet for you, please contact Heather@OurCompanions.org or 860-242-9999.

Our Companions


So happy to announce that Tucker, our pit bull mix, is now up for adoption! If you are looking for a guy who will be your snuggle buddy, Tucker is IT! He loves nothing more than to be the center of your universe! He is living at our sanctuary and when he gets his turn at being in the living room he expects that he will get your undivided attention and makes it clear to all who are with him. If someone chooses to be on the computer instead, he will tolerate it for a while but then he will come over and gently lay his head on their arm and remind them of who is the priority! Should it be his turn in one of the exercise yards he forgets all about snuggling and is all about the balls! He is learning that he can trade for a second ball and give up the one that he has. Tucker is very smart, has gone thru our Companions I and II classes and enjoys showing his skills to all who will watch.  If Tucker could answer the question of where he would like to live I suspect it would go something like this-"I want to be the only dog in the house and I certainly do not want to share my space with a cat!! I'll share a couch but I want my own crate! A fenced in yard is my happy place!" He does need experienced dog owners!
Some stats on this guy-he is 74 lbs., and is 7 years old, is crate trained. Call us at Our Companions Animal Rescue and Sanctuary at 860-242-9999 or e-mail to daryl@ourcompanions.org to get more information on Tucker!!

P.S. Adoptions are still being scheduled during Covid-19.  Call 860-242-9999 or visit www.ourcompanions.org