This Weekend's New Movies

February 21, 2020
New at the Box Office

“Emma,” Rated PG: In 1800s England, a well meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends. Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth

“Brahms: The Boy II,” Rated PG-13: After a family moves into the Heelshire Mansion, their young son soon makes friends with a life-like doll called Brahms. Starring: Katie Holmes, Owain Yeoman, Christopher Convery, Ralph Ineson

“The Call of the Wild,” Rated PG: A sled dog struggles for survival in the wilds of the Yukon. Starring: Karen Gillan, Harrison Ford,Cara Gee, Dan Stevens

“Greed,” Rated R: Satire about the world of the super-rich. Starring: Asa Butterfield, Isla Fisher, Shanina Shaik, Sophie Cookson