Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 7th 2019 Advice to New Brides

January 7, 2019

As we enter 2019 many of us open our minds and hearts to new changes and adventures in life. One of those changes is marriage. I recently had the opportunity to attend a bridal shower for the soon to be wife of a friend’s son. The hostess had several party games prepared. One of them was entitled Advice to the Bride. All of us old marrieds had to complete the following sentences:



Always make sure your spouse

Great marriages are made of …..and ….

I wish you and your spouse…..


We had fun thinking about what made many of our own marriages strong and the bride really appreciated our responses.

So, here are a few of the answers.


Keep a sense of humor                  

Really listen to each other even if you don’t agree.

Be respectful to each other

Try to be kind


Never :    

Most of us remember being told never to go to bed angry. However, several people felt that was not terribly helpful advice.
Some people really need time to cool down. So, most of us felt the better advice was agree to give each other space as long as you set a time to come back and discuss the issue.

Lose sight of who you are.

Lie…unless it is to keep a special surprise a secret


Make sure your spouse is respectful to you


Great marriages are made of: 

respect and compromise

The ability to problem solve well together and keeping a sense of humor

Kindness and love

Trust and tolerance


I wish you and your spouse:   

A life filled with health, happiness and joy.

I am sure their are other things people could add. But these were a few excellent pieces of advice from a group of ladies who have quite a bit of experience in making relationships work. So for those of you out there just beginning your married lives I hope you find these tips helpful.

I wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.