Dr. Ducharme’s Blog National Get Up Day February 3, 2020

February 3, 2020

I was surfing the internet looking at what National Days are observed in February . The list was amazing. Daily celebrations from Baked Alaska Day, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Lame Duck Day, Bagel and Lox Day, Serpents Day, Groundhog Day and Caretakers Day to name only a few.

I was intrigued by one called National Get Up Day. I wondered whether that meant we were not supposed to stay in bed all day. Basically I had no clue. However, when I clicked on it to get more information I found the following:

National Get Up Day on February 1 is an opportunity to share inspiring stories of perseverance; it’s a reminder to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen and give it (whatever it may be) another go!

February 1 marks the official end of National Skating Month (January) when rinks across the country bring communities together to experience the joys and benefits of skating. One of the first lessons every figure skater learns is how to fall and to get back up.  This day isn’t just about skating, though.  It’s about celebrating that Get Up spirit that applies to every aspect of life and inspiring others through stories, pictures, videos and social media.  

More importantly, February 1 reminds all of us to Get Up when we stumble. We never know when our efforts to seek a goal or overcome an obstacle will encourage another to do the same.  

Frankly, I think this is wonderful. I realize that this blog is being published a few days later than February first. But, it is never too late to hear this message. We all learn from our mistakes. They really can and do make us stronger/better in so many ways. So, if you are struggling with some issue, feeling like you are stumbling through a situation or life, take a minute and reflect on how important just getting up can be!