Spotlite: Family Centered Services of CT

September 16, 2018


This weeks's Guests on Spotlite: Jodi Baloga, LMSW  &  Katie Chesanek  of Family Centered Services of CT

Family CT’s work with families is based on the belief that all people, and all families, have strengths. This is a core principle of an empowerment-based family support model currently being taught by the Connecticut 
Family Development Institute to help families achieve healthy self-reliance and interdependence with their communities. 
The model acknowledges the “bone-deep longing within each of us for freedom, self-respect, hope, and the chance to make an important contribution to one’s family, community and the world”(Cornell Empowering Families Project).Family Centered Services of CT (Family CT) is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of equity and inclusivity that promotes the development of each individual regardless of race, ethnicity or cultural background, language proficiency, literacy, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical abilities, socioeconomic status, education or life experiences. We respect and value each person’s unique strengths, differences, characteristics and contributions, and recognize that this diversity enriches our perspective, fosters collaboration, nurtures the talents and skills of each individual and contributes to the growth of our agency. We believe that everyone shares responsibility for promoting an inclusive work environment, challenging inequalities and respecting the diversity and dignity of each employee, client and partner as we work to achieve our vision of a world of healthy families where children grow up to be confident and caring adults and contributing members of their community.

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