Our Companions December Pets of the Month

December 13, 2018

Our Companions


Susan Linker from Our Companions joined Allan, Mike & Mary with 2 pets with a Christmas Wish - a new fur-ever home!

Lucas was born to a feral/stray mom and adopted by his first family at the age of 6 weeks. He was raised with two adult cats that he maintained a tenuous relationship with- having no littermates to play with and learn from, his social skills suffered. He grew into a stressed and anxious cat that slowly began to learn to get his way by nipping, swatting and acting aggressive. He was placed on Prozac and on a special diet to deal with the urinary issues he developed. When his owners had a child they decided he could no longer be trusted in the home and was passed along to other family members. That family member was unable to keep Lucas long term and at the age of 8 Lucas arrived at the Sanctuary in December 2017. Given space and respect Lucas has been learning how to properly interact with people. The kindness he has been shown is now being returned with happy purrs and affection- and sometimes still the occasional swat. He has emerged as a playful, intelligent more confident cat that no longer needs a special diet or medication, sitting next to us on the couch while making muffins. He’s notorious for his love bites, but don’t let them fool you – he’s a lover, not a fighter.

Our Companions

Meet Estie. Originally from Louisiana when she was a puppy, Estie came to the Sanctuary with her sister Amber. They are 2 year old hound/lab mixes who had a history of behaving badly in their prior homes, and as a result were passed around from home to home. Finally, a friend took them in and contacted us. Once they arrived at the Sanctuary we immediately realized that they desperately needed to learn how to experience life independent of one another.
Estie loves to go for walks, is extremely athletic and LOVES the digging pit we have in our exercise yards. She will take a tennis ball, bury it and then dig it up again over and over! She’s a quick learner, and is progressing quickly through our Canine College lessons. She has now graduated Family Companion 2 classes and has proven to be an excellent student in that class with her favorite staff member, Lucas. Estie also participates in our Buddy Project working with youth at risk for school failure.