Meet Vinnie & Ralph!

Our Companions March Pets of the Month

March 12, 2020
Vinny the Rat Terrier

Our Companions


Susan Linker brought two cuties in to the studio looking for their peeps!  Is you them?!  Ha!

Vinnie would love nothing more than to be by his person’s side! Being a 4 year old, 14 pound Rat Terrier, he’s a professional at wrapping himself up in a burrito blanket and snuggling up to his favorite people! He recently had an accident that resulted in his back leg being amputated. However, being the smart and determined guy he is, he’s adjusted well to life on three legs and loves going out for walks or rides in the car! Though he has separation anxiety and would appreciate a family that’s home often, Vinnie can adapt well in a home with enough love and support. Vinnie would appreciate being the only dog in single family home with adults or older teens. Vinnie is a friendly, lovable, loyal companion who would appreciate anyone that could give him the love and care he needs! To learn more about this wonderful, special guy, please contact Heather at or call 860-242-9999.

Ralph the Kitty
Our Companions

Ralph is a 4 year old male that is nothing short of purrfection! He’s very playful, affectionate, handsome, gets along well with others, loves attention and belly rubs and even has a little bit of fun mischief in him. He’s looking for his forever home where he can be loved and have lots of playtime and he’ll reward you with snuggles. If you think you could be his forever person please contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302