Amelia and Tucker from Our Companions!

May 9, 2019

Our Companions

Susan Linker from Our Companions brought Allan, Mike & Mary two of her favorite animals from the Ashford Sanctuary looking for families to love them.  Let's meet them!


Amelia is sweet as can be! She loves cuddles, belly rubs, and being held. Though she has mobility problems due to moderate Cerebellar Hypoplasia (or CH), Amelia is always in great spirits! CH is a neurological condition some cats are born with that affects mobility and causes them to stumble, tumble, and have difficulty getting around. But they adapt well and make their way through the world! Amelia loves to play, and is an overall easygoing and social gal. She's lived with other cats before, so a home with a relaxed kitty friend could be a possibility! If you’re interested in meeting this adorable love bug, please call 860-242-9999 or email

Our Companions

If you are looking for a guy who will be your snuggle buddy, Tucker is IT! He loves nothing more than to be the center of your universe! Should it be his turn in one of the exercise yards he forgets all about snuggling and is all about the balls! He is learning that he can trade for a second ball and give up the one that he has! Such a smart guy!! Then he gets to go on walks and enjoy the woods! If Tucker could answer the question of where he would like to live I suspect it would go something like this-"I want to be the only dog in the house and I certainly do not want to share my space with a cat!! I like kids but I can also get a bit excited so I need my person to remind me to keep my feet on the floor!! I'll share a couch but I want my own crate! A fenced in yard is my happy place!" Some stats on this guy-he is 74 lbs., and is 6 years old, is crate trained. Call us at 860-242-9999 or e-mail to get more information on Tucker!