Our Companions November Pets of the Month

November 8, 2018

Our Companions


Susan Linker from Our Companions brought two beautiful pets in that are looking for forever homes.  Let's meet them!


Our Companions

Meet Brooke! She is a 2-year old Sight Hound who made her way to Our Companions by way of Afghanistan. Brook is a regal and sleek beauty, who can by shy upon an initial meeting. Once you've gained her trust, this independent gal will be a loyal and steadfast family companion (she would be best with teens or older). You do have to be mindful of her space, but she will prompt you for a belly rub or a chin scratch by leaning right up against you. She requires a fenced yard as she is always on the lookout for anything on the move - squirrels, birds or leaves. Once she has had her walk, she is relaxed indoors, and loves to stretch out on a couch or the floor. If interested in meeting this sweet and perceptive gal, please contact Daryl@OurCompanions.org or 860-242-9999 ext.302.

Our Companions

Very kind soul brought Marty to Bolton Vet after discovering him struck by a car on the side of the road. He had extensive injuries, including a shattered pelvis. It was unclear at the time if he’d be able to walk again, or if he’d have any other lasting problems. Marty owes a lot to the vet techs and staff at Bolton Vet for giving him a chance. He needed several weeks to recover at the vet before he was able to come to the sanctuary. A combination of physical therapy, supplements, and healing exercises have put him back on four paws. He’s able to walk and climb with the best of ’em! He is a ferocious player, and loves chewing on catnip toys and pouncing out at ribbons from under the couch. He’s got a lot of energy and it’s amazing to watch how much he has improved while doing zoomies around his room. He loves to snuggle with humans too, often sitting next to us on the couch while making muffins. He’s notorious for his love bites, but don’t let them fool you – he’s a lover, not a fighter.