Our Companions October Pets of the Month

Meet Molly & Bella!

October 10, 2019

Our Companions


Susan Linker visited with Allan, Mike & MAry with an alternative to blankets for the Winter... let's meet them!

Our Companions

Molly is a sweet little Chihuahua looking for a new home. She is 8 years old in good health and weighs 9 lbs. She has been with her current owners since she was a puppy but because of family issues they are no longer able to care for her. Molly can be shy so an ideal home would be with a patient family. She has lived with cats and dogs but would benefit from more experiences outside the home to build her confidence and help her enjoy the outside world.
When Molly does bond with her people she enjoys being with them and is definitely a lap dog! Because Molly is low energy and doesn’t need lots of exercise she would do well in a stand alone home, apartment or condo. If you could give Molly a new lease on life she would love to meet you. Please call 860-242-9999 or e-mail Helpline@ourcompanions.org.

Our Companions

Beautiful Belle likes nothing better than sitting on a lap being brushed! She’s so affectionate … if you’d love a cuddly kitty to sleep on the bed and curl up on the couch, Belle may be the companion of your dreams! At 12 years young, she enjoys her playtime and catnip toys with feathers are her favorites. Belle would love to be the queen of her castle and have all the cuddles to herself! To learn more about this lovely tuxedo girl, please contact Donna at 860-242-9999 x 302 or Donna@ourcompanions.org