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Our Companions August Pets of the Month

Meet Ruby & Piper!

August 8, 2019

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Sanctuary visited with Allan, Mike & Mary and brought by two wonderful, beautiful animals looking for families to adopt them.  Let's meet them!


Petite and playful Piper will steal your heart! She’ll look longingly into your eyes until you give her the pets and ear scratches that she’s waiting for – and will return the favor with lots of snuggles and purrs! This beautiful 2-year-old girl came to us from a home that had too many other cats, and Piper wasn’t happy there – so she does request that she be your one and only kitty. Once she settled into her new digs at the Sanctuary, she blossomed into a happy and loveable companion! To learn more, please call 860-242-9999 ext. 302 or email Helpline@OurCompanions.org.

Our Companions



This 4-year-old terrier mix is quite possibly the best snuggler alive. She loves, loves, loves people, and has some very endearing qualities that make you want to hug her instantly: her scruffy appearance, the fact that she is always smiling, tail wagging – we could go on and on! She will bring you all her toys to share when you meet instead of the excited jumping that some dogs do. True to her terrier nature, she will chase squirrels and can run like the wind! While Ruby is a mixed breed, she does not shed. Her new home needs a yard with a hard fence, and no other pets please! To learn more about this sweet girl, please call 860-242-9999 or email Daryl@OurCompanions.org.