Our Companions October Pets of the Month

October 15, 2020

Our Companions


Susan Linker joins Allan, Mike & Mary with 3 fur-babies looking for furever homes.  Are you their peeps?

Need a little Sparkle in your life? Sparkle is a 1 year old beauty is always ready to play and has endless energy. She can get a little nervous with noises and a lot of activity but is settling in more every day. She’s healthy, good litterbox habits and always up for a game of play with a wand toy. She seems fine with other cats. Sparkle is looking for a home where she can have lots of playtime, comfy beds to snuggle up on and in return she will follow you around and provide great companionship. If you are looking for a playful cat and think you could be her forever home contact michelle@ourcompanions.org or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

Ari & Whiskey
Our Companions

Ari and Whiskey
Whiskey and Ari are "foster fails" to a woman who fostered dogs up until she sadly passed away. Her family was unable to care for the dogs, and reached out to Our Companions to help.

Ari is a 9-year old sweet-tempered puggle mix, who is a bit watchful upon meeting folks, but once they have passed the "sniff test," he will be your best friend! He is the more confident of the pair, and likes to take the lead in his walks. Ari has many tricks up his sleeve, including catching (and sometimes missing) treats tossed his way, and snorting while rolling on his back. He is a smart, happy and lively boy (it is hard to believe he is 9!), that also loves his daily walks and gets along well with other dogs...although he does like to be the boss and sometimes needs to remind them!

Whiskey is a kind and easy-going 7-year old predominantly lab/hound mix, who is a favorite of staff and volunteers because of his affectionate, amiable and gentle personality. This shy, even-tempered sweet potato loves nothing more than to be petted, hugged and adored. Despite his size, he thinks he is a lap dog, and will climb up on the couch next to his person, making room for himself and waiting for a head scratch or a belly rub. His favorite pastime is simply to be loved and cherished (which is so easy to do!). He is trusting of all people and dogs, and loves his daily walks. Upon arriving at OC, Whiskey had a mast cell mass removed and has fully recovered.

Whiskey and Ari are a bonded pair (they are two halves of a whole, and complement each other beautifully), so they will need to go to a new home together.

Both dogs have some hunting instincts, so they would be best in a home without cats. For more information, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email Helpline@OurCompanions.org.