Try It Tuesday - Fur-Zoff

September 1, 2020

Mike Stacy


Allan, Mike & Mary make the investment on a new product and let you know if it works or not with Try It Tuesday! 

This week it's Fur-Zoff... an item that helps sweep away pet fur that accumulates on your furniture!  Mike's wife Carol found this hand held item that rids yourself of pet shed.  It's small enough to fit in your hand.  The Fur-Zoff is made from foamed glass... feels like pumice to me.  Small strokes and all the pet hair is picked up easily off pillows, the sofa, car seats anywhere our friends shed!  And the collected fur comes right off too!  

The Fur Zoff cost $6.  Minimal investment, maximum payoff!  We found it on Amazon but it's also available on

Here is a video demonstration.

Happy hair removal!