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English Lady May Gardening Tips

May Gardening Tips from the English Lady

Maureen Hasley-Jones, The English Lady gives us her expert advice on what to do and not do in the garden for the month of May.
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Farmers Turning Away From Pesticides And Toward Wildflowers

Farmers for flowers.
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Ireland Leading The Mass Tree Planting Trend

One of the best things we can do to help the environment, is to plant trees. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So, officials in Ireland have pledged to plant 440-million trees over the next 20 years. That's 22-million new trees, covering nearly 20,000 acres, each year. The project...
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One State Will Pay Homeowners To Not Mow Their Lawns

Lawmakers in Minnesota are proposing legislation that would pay residents to turn their yards into bee sanctuaries, instead of maintaining the neatly manicured lawns that we have become accustomed to in surburbia. James Wolfin , a graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab and...
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Keep That Holiday Feeling: Breathe Easier!

We don't want to be Grinchy about it... but the truth is, there are some real draw backs with both real and artificial Christmas trees when it comes to healthy indoor air environment. There is a lot of info and misinformation out there about both options. But before you start to get your...
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WATCH: Another Step Toward Eliminating Wasteful Paper Plates

A company in Poland is working to eliminate paper waste around the world. They've created a disposable plate made from wheat bran. The plate will decompose and can even be eaten, if you didn't get enough of what was originally on it. Video of Biodegradable Plates Are Edible
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Adidas To Use Only Recycled Plastic

Adidas is making an environmentally friendly pledge! The German shoe-maker says it is committed to using only recycled plastic in their products. In a statement, the company said that it will eliminate the use of "virgin plastic" in all its products by 2024. That includes polyester, which accounts...
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Combining Two Great Ideas In One Place

A married couple in Minnesota has found a way to use the same piece of land to combine two helpful ideas. Solar power and bee hives. The increase in the use of solar energy has simultaneously occurred with the alarming decrease in the honey bee population. So, Travis and Chiara Bolton have...
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1Thing: Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

Our parent company, Entercom believes in Earth Sustainability... We call it 1Thing. I do too! That's why I love when I see someone recycle or repurpose things! I was in Goshen at the Connecticut Wine Festival last weekend and discovered Glass Act - uniquely different gifts that repurpose used wine...
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