Connecticut's Most Buzzed About Easter Candy

The website influenster conducted a study to see what Easter candies had the most buzz, in other words, the one's that were talked about the most on social media posts and in written reviews on product websites. These aren't necessarily the best selling candies. The biggest buzzed about Easter...
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Falling Asleep Easy As "4-7-8"

With the recent time change you may have experienced some sleep cycle problems. Or, perhaps you are just like me and have always had an issue with staying asleep! Either way, this is a very well know method called 4-7-8 and many people swear by it. It is all about a breathing technique but not at...
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This Weekend At The Box Office

We've got a few new ones out this weekend and there's no shortage of action to be had! Pacific Rim has finally arrived if you're into the adventure and suspense, of course there's always plenty of romance and drama for date night too with Midnight Sun. Don't forget the kids either, Johnny Depp...
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Workplace Romance Turns 21

It just kind of worked out after that.
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Lollapalooza Lineup 2018

Lollapalooza will return to Grant Park in Chicago again this year, where it's been held every year since 2005. The festival will run August 2-5, and the lineup for this year's performance is as impressive as ever. The Weeknd Bruno Mars Camila Cabello Walk The Moon Portugal. The Man Zedd Just a few...
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PillowTalk: Warming Hearts On A Snowy Night

Happy Birthday to a long time PillowTalk listener, Maureen of Manchester. She celebrates her 43rd on Thursday. Added to her happiness on her special day, she plans to spend part of it with her mom. When I asked her what song she felt like hearing she said, How about Gloria Estefan? It's been a...
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Mom Dad & Grandpa

PillowTalk: Close Families Share The Love

Many of the PillowTalk dedications on Tuesday night have close family connections. Holly from WIlbraham called in preparation for her son's wedding in October. She needs a mother/son dance song. She wanted to hear a song by Tim McGraw. Steve from Manchester was thinking of his dad Anthony on the...
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It's Spring!

We shouldn't have to "think" spring, because spring is officially here! However, winter is extending into it unwelcomingly. This is not unusual here in the northeast. We know that March can be a difficult month, and this year is proving that point; as we prepare for the 4th nor'easter in 3 weeks...
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93% Of All Water Bottles Have Plastics In The Water

So, your eating better, excercising and drinking more water? Why is this not a healthy thing? Well, as of last week reported by BBC, USA Today, New York Times, Fortune magazine and several other reputable sources, that water bottle you paid 3 bucks for may very well contain plastic particles. Now,...
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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut March 20th, 2018

We love to brag about Connecticut – as you can tell – and one reason we love Connecticut is our unsurpassed quality of life Now, think about all the factors that go into quality of life.. We have all four seasons, great schools, a terrific location, mountains, seashore... But what would you say is...
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