It is As Easy As One Change At A Time

There are many more small steps that were highlighted in the article and all are totally manageable.
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Our Companions Pets of the Month – Glinda, Estie & Amber

Dogs, Cat & Easter Eggs... 15,000 to be egg-sact!
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Savory Magazine Recipe Of The Day: Harissa-Roasted Carrots With Mint

Don’t be fooled by the name, it tastes just as pretty as it sounds!
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Magic At The Mixer

There was an extra hint of romance in the air as they lost power in Sandy Hook.
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Savory Magazine Recipe Of The Day: Pineapple Coconut Bunny Cupcakes

If you’re looking to wow a crowd these are the way to do it. 45 minutes start to finish, and everyone will think it took a lot longer than that!
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Felicia And Bob’s Changing Relationship

You'll hear what was on the air plus my extended conversation with them off the air. Enjoy!
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6 Easiest Instant Pot Recipes

This list is just the thing for you if you're getting started with pressure cooking and looking for easy ideas!
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Amanda's Delilah Dilemma

Amanda has a friend she talks to everyday who has a crush on her, only she's not “Crushing” back. She doesn't feel an attraction and says I don't want to hurt him because I know he has been hurt in the past" Click for Delilah's advice.
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Recipe Video: 3 Course Chicken Dinner

Not only does this recipe have a video to show you step by step, but you can get all the ingredients and instructions in one place!
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Try It Tuesday: Miracle Fold

Are you one of those perfectionists that’s tired of folding your clothes unevenly? Check out this product.
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