Dr. Ducharme’s Blog: Collaborative Divorce

Although married couples generally begin with vows of commitment “’till death do us part”, the sad facts are that about 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. There is some new research that suggests this number may be dropping slightly in younger generations that are delaying marriage but...
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Spotlite: FOCUS Center for Autism and the Fresh Start School

Donna Swanson, MSN, CS, APRN, Executive Director and co-founder of FOCUS Center for Autism and the Fresh Start School discussed living with anxiety and Autism. The new year is a time for reinvention for stronger personal growth and fulfillment. Donna Swanson, co-founder of the nonprofit FOCUS...
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Leanne's Adoption Delilah Dilemma

Tonights Delilah Dilemma is from Leanne, who are goes to church with the young teenage couple that just discovered they are pregnant. Delilah: My question Li is how do you know this? Are they sharing this information? Are they talking about it? Is this gossip that's going around? How do you know...
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PillowTalk: Professor + Teacher = Perfect Match

Here's a love match that seems like it was meant to be. Grace's PillowTalk dedication was meant to be a surprise and I think we pulled it off. Thank you Grace for getting in touch by email and Facebook Messinger too and for sharing your wonderful love story! Here's the email I received from Grace:...
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch 8am-noon

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! It's the final weekend of summer with autumn arriving on Monday. Make the most of the weekend by enjoying all of the events that CT has to offer. After a busy Saturday of attending fairs and festivals, set aside some time...
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3 Billion Fewer Birds In North America Since 1970

A new study at Cornell University finds the number of birds in North America has dwindled significantly in the last 50 years. Nearly 30% of birds, including common birds like sparrows, have disappeared. This isn't an extinction, it's the total number of birds in the skies over the United States ,...
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PillowTalk: Love Message Highlights

The mood was just right for sharing romantic dedications on PillowTalk on Thursday night. Nev from Farmington opened her heart to her husband of 14 years, Oki. She called and spoke passionately about him saying, "I love you Oki. Thank you for two beautiful sons. I appreciate all the hard work you...
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Museum Day Saturday Means Free Admission For You

Saturday (9/21/19) is Museum Day which is presented by Smithsonian Magazine . So if you ever wanted to bask in some culture right here in Connecticut , you can do it for free at a bunch of places. From the American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol , to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History...
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P!nk To Receive Touring Award

When P!nk wrapped up her mega-successful Beautiful Trauma tour this year, she completed the 10th biggest tour of all-time. The tour raked in nearly $400-million dollars, selling 3-million tickets, and was the biggest grossing tour by a solo female artist in over a decade. And now she's being...
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This Boy Will Make You Wonder How U Lived Without Him!

If you’re looking for a polite, well-mannered companion, Bubba might be the boy for you! This 10 year old pitbull/boxer mix loves people and hopes to find a new family who will be home often to keep him company. He wants to go walking with you, play with his plush toys, and be your very best friend...
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