PillowTalk: Phone Call Dedication Of The Night

It's her favorite season. It's also her first name. I love her name. Autumn. Autumn from Torrington. She had a beautiful dedication for her boyfriend Benjamin on Tuesday night. Benjamin is someone Autumn has known since she was 15. Benjamin was 19 at the time, her brother's best friend. Both of...
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The 5 Most Dangerous Cities In The U.S.

If you want to know where you need to be most on your guard, these would be the U.S. cities (with a population of at least 100,000) in which you need to watch your back, according to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation . St. Louis, Missouri Memphis, Tennessee Rockford, Illinois...
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Connecticut Fall Foliage

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut October 16th 2018

Tell Me Something Good about Connecticut is brought to you by: Vernon Manor One of the great things about our state is the number of innovative and growing companies that we have. Inc magazine came out with its list of the country’s fastest-growing companies and, as you might expect, the list is...
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Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be planning to pilfer some of your kids' candy. If you want the best health benefits from the snacks you snag, go for the dark stuff! Here are some potential health benefits of consuming dark chocolate: Nurtritious - containing many minerals and a reasonable...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog October 15, 2018: Coping with the Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

Four words. That is all it takes to change your world forever. Four words …“you have breast cancer”. For many women the first thought that goes through their mind is “I am going to die”. And very often, as soon as the doctor says these words, patients hear little if anything else the doctor says in...
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Spotlite: Right at Home

Robert Scandura Jr., Vice President –Operations & Client Care Services from Right at Home discussed providing the right care to seniors. Their caregivers provide in-home caregiving services for almost any family and practically any situation. Home care lets loved ones enjoy healthy lives in the...
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch

Welcome to the Companions And Homemakes Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! If you're among the thousands of runners participating in the 25th annual Hartford Marathon on Saturday, then Sunday without a doubt, should be a day of rest. On Sunday morning kick back and sooth your mind and muscles with...
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PillowTalk: Helping Friday Night Couples Connect

Friday night, PillowTalk helped friends and lovers connect. Adrienne from Danbury has been a long time PillowTalk listener. Friday she was finally a first time caller. She told me a little bit about her relationship with Michael. Adrienne and Michael started out as friends several years ago...
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The Fanny Pack Has Gone Upscale

Perhaps the most unlikely fashion statement to make a comeback, is the fanny pack! Sure it's convenient to have your phone, wallet, lipstick, smokes, or whatever else you need to carry with you strapped to your waist, but did we really need the return of this fashion faux pas? Apparently. Not only...
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Lose Weight With Just This Tip

Foods with a higher GI make your blood sugar rise more than those with a lower GI.The foods with the highest GI are carbohydrates, including white bread, white rice, white potatoes, white flour, and sugar. But not all carbs are bad! TheSugar Busters Program teaches you how to eat the “right” carbs...
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