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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut September 4th, 2018

Tell Me Something Good about Connecticut is brought to you by: Vernon Manor Labor Day has come and gone, and those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are fading into our memories. With our lives again going full speed, we’re all getting caught back up on so many things. So let’s bring you up to date...
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PillowTalk: Best Summer Love Songs Of Summer 2018

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Was the summer of 2018 one in which you had your first crush? Did you fall in love for the first time? Did you find true love? Did you have an intense summer fling that burned brightly, but has fizzled into a lingering memory? Did you rekindle the...
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Spotlite: The Better Business Bureau of Connecticut

This week's Spotlite guest: Howard Schwartz discussed Chip credit cards and fraud, Jury duty phones scams,The Top 10 most complained-about types of businesses and much more. Want more info or have questions?? www.bbb.org/ct or call 860-740-4500
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This week on Rich Answers, Rev. Dr. Shelley Best ends her August series addressing a variety of topics during the the month. introducing "Permission To Change". Please Enjoy.

Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! This weekend we have the perfect music for your Labor Day celebration. All weekend long we take you back to the 80's with our 80's Flashback Weekend . On Sunday morning we'll pause the 80's to bring you a relaxing morning...
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PillowTalk: Back In Their Lives

PillowTalk dedications are a labor of love. Friday night we brought long distance friends and lovers closer together and celebrated special occasions. A big shout out to Cephus in West Hartford who celebrated his 60th Birthday! Cephus loves all kinds of music but is a huge Beatles fan. His song of...
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Gas Prices Expected To Drop In The Weeks Ahead

The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is headed downward this fall! AAA says it expects the national average to decrease by about 14 cents per gallon in the months ahead. Earlier this week, the average price per gallon was $2.84. That means we should see prices drop to around $2.70 per...
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Not Just For Lumber Jacks Anymore

Pine & Iron, located at 1429 Park St., next door to Hog River Brewing Co. Is One of about two dozen of these now open axe Throwing venues across America! It was first popular among lumber jacks then into the Canadian bars it went... now, it is popular with hipsters, craft brew enthusiasts and...
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PillowTalk: Love Song Video Sampler

Great PillowTalk dedications continue to roll in by email. Shout out to Lindsay from Manchester who wrote me with a dedication to Tommy. " To my dearest Tommy, he makes me feel like the luckiest and happiest girl. He really tugs on my heart strings". The song request was a new song by John...
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The Best State For Retirement

Where you choose to spend your golden years can be based on a lot of things. Bankrate looked at a number of those factors to determine the best state for retirement. Including cost of living, crime rate, taxes, quality of healthcare, and weather. When all the numbers were crunched, the best state...
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