PillowTalk: A Special Part Of The Family

A nice varitey of PillowTalk dedications made for a fun show on Wednesday night. The night started with a secret admirer (or not so secret you know who you are dedication) to Tom from Waterbury. His special someone was really making an effort to connect and let him know that she really does love...
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Farmer's Almanac Prediction For The Upcoming Winter

Most meteorologists will tell you it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict the weather more than several days in advance. Nonetheless, it can be interesting to see what these long term prognosticators come up with. So here's a breakdown of the Farmer's Almanac 's forecast for the winter of...
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PillowTalk:"I Want To Remind Her That She's A Star"

Kaylin from Oxford is back at college at Western Connecticut State University. She called PillowTalk Tuesday night to dedicate a song to her best friend Christine. Both of them are in their final year of the music education program and plan to graduate this spring.They initially met through mutual...
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Yale University

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut August 28th 2018

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT CONNECTICUT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Vernon Manor Just about everybody is going back to school this week. Going back to school in Connecticut is extra special because our schools are extra special, and there are two new reports that prove it. WalletHub studied the public...
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PillowTalk: Heart To Heart Connections

Your instant messages, your emails and your phone calls filled Monday night with human connections heart to heart. Right off the bat we heard from Michael on the PillowTalk love lines from Hartford trying to make a connection on the radio with Valerie from Berlin. A dropped phone call in the midst...
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Connecticut's Rural Roads Are 2nd Worst In The Nation

If you've driven on any of the back roads around Connecticut , you surely won't disagree with this finding. A recent report by TRIP , a national transportation research group, reveals that around 15 percent of America’s rural roads are in “poor condition” and severely need repair. The nation’s...
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Spotlite: American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Bryte Johnson, Government Relations Director, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network discussed Connecticut making progress when it comes to tobacco, according to a state-by-state report just released by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, but opportunities remain for the state...
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! This weekend, hot air balloons will grace the sky over the Farmington Valley as part of 34th annual Plainville Hot Air Balloon Fest. On Sunday morning we'll take flight as we'll lift your spirits with a morning of relaxing...
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PillowTalk: 27 Years To Get Together

Clara and Pasquale grew up in the same neighborhood in Waterbury among family and friends. It was always friends. It was always friends that is until just recently, when after many years, they ran into each other on the beach in Milford. Clara said, We met on the beach, went and had lunch together...
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There Are Spiders In Your House

Most people don't like to think about it, especially if you're arachnophobic, but you've got visitors in your home. That's right, spiders! But they're not trying to take over your abode. They are actually beneficial, and you should just let them be. They can provide a useful service. They'll catch...
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