Fenway Park

Red Sox: Calling All Kids, Out of the Park 2018 and MORE!

The Red Sox Out of the Park, Student 9s, and Kid Nation programs are all part of the Red Sox’ “Calling All Kids” initiative, an ongoing effort to connect baseball to the next generation of fans. Calling All Kids aims to provide greater access to Red Sox games, enhance the kids experience at Fenway...
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PillowTalk: "It's The First Time My Heart Ever Skipped A Beat

"It was the first time my heart ever skipped a beat". That's how Chris characterized the first time he ever saw his now wife, Nancy. Chris and Nancy, Belchertown High School, class of '88. They now live in Chicopee, MA. They have known each other for 26 years and married for 22 of those years...
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Cell Phone Use Linked To Teen Depression

A study published in Clinical Psychological Science , found that increases in suicide, suicide attempts and depression were found in teens from every background including races, ethnicities and social class. Researchers found between 2010-2015, the number of U.S. teens who felt useless and joyless...
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This Movie Seeks To Answer A Life-Long Question

Just had a visit with my Veterinarian this morning and as she looked at my beagle's leg she and I both agreed Shiloh is getting a little older: 12 years old. Don't get me wrong the ol' girl is holding up, but she has most certainly slowed down. I asked my Veterinarian this question that has always...
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PillowTalk: Relationships Sailing Through A Summer Night

Oh to be nine years old again. What a great age. So much life ahead. So much to look forward to. Mom wishing for nothing but the best for her son. A huge shout out to Tyler from his mother Rachel. Tyler of Middlefield celebrated his ninth birhday on Tuesday. His mom Rachel loves him and she knows...
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WATCH: Maroon 5, Charlie Puth, Kelly Clarkson And More Prepare To Surprise Fans

A new YouTube series, based on Maroon 5 's video for their song Sugar , is set to debut on August 15th. Adam Levine is one of the producers of the show, which surprises fans who have given back to their communities. Sugar will run for eight episodes, each one spotlighting a different fan and...
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Lynde Point Light House Old Saybrook

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut August 7th, 2018

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT CONNECTICUT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Vernon Manor Connecticut is home to one of the most iconic names in business – Stanley-Black-and-Decker – which just celebrated its one-hundred-seventy-fifth anniversary. And for those one-hundred-seventy-five years, they’ve been making...
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PillowTalk: 61 Years Together. What's Their Secret?

What is the name of that song? You know the one. Every time you hear it, it reminds you of your special someone. That was a question I posed on the radio last night. Cecile from Ludlow, MA called me and told me that the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion reminds her of the man she was married...
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Don't Forget Your Kids!

It seems like you shouldn't have to remind people not to leave their children in a hot car, but apparently you do. It's summer and it's really hot! Last year alone, 23 children died when they were accidentally left in hot vehicles. Kids under one year old are the most vulnerable (32% of the deaths...
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Get Rid Of Crutch Words Easily

Harvard Business Review analyzed over 4,000 speeches to see how much speakers are leaning on crutch words: Like. ummm. you know? right? Ah. So how are those words affecting the way their audiences perceive them? When boiled down, it affects credibility of the speaker, plus the study found the...
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