Maureen Hasley-Jones

The English Lady's May Tips Including Composting!

The darling buds of May” is such an apt phrase for one of the most enchanting months, bloom on bulbs and trees and the fresh foliage on trees winking in the sun. By now, you have probably removed most of the winter debris, pruned broken branches and re-edged borders. Do not however, apply that...
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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut May 8, 2018

Tell Me Something Good About Conecticut is brought to you by: Vernon Manor A few days ago there was big news about Electric Boat They’re going to grow their workforce to more than thirteen thousand people in Connecticut. Electric Boat’s growth is something good for Connecticut – the entire state...
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Phil Collins To Tour North America For First Time In A Dozen Years

Although he announced his retirement from touring in 2002, Phil Collins , the singer, drummer, and former member of Genesis , has had a bit of a resurgence lately. Collins made a brief stint through Europe last year, one that was further delayed when he suffered a head injury, and now he'll be...
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Dr. Elaine Ducharme Podcast: May 7th, 2018

Dr. Elaine Ducharme paid a visit to Allan, Mike & Mary to discuss May being Mental Health Awareness month and understanding mental illness.. https://www.nami.org/Local-NAMI?state=CT. Tel: 860-882-0236 http://portal.ct.gov/services/health-and-human-services/health-and-welln... http://www.ct.gov/...
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Spotlite: Cancer Action Network

This week's guest on Spotlite: Bryte Johnson, Government Relations Director, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network discussed Connecticut making progress when it comes to tobacco, according to a state-by-state report just released by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, but...
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Diseases From Tick, Mosquito, & Flea Bites Have Tripled

Federal health officials reported this week that since 2004, at least nine new diseases have been discovered that are a direct result from bites by ticks, mosquitoes, or fleas. And the number of people contracting those diseases has tripled! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says this...
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PillowTalk: High Octane Smooch At Gas Station

Charlie from Portland, CT called PillowTalk on Thursday night and shared a very special love story with me. Charlie told me that he and Athena from Portland knew of each other as far back as elementary school. Although they both attended Portland Jr. High School, they hung around in different...
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Europe Bans Bee Killing Pesticides

In a move touted by environmentalists as a "major victory," the European Union has agreed to prohibit the outdoor use of three chemicals that have been shown to have an effect on bees abilities to forage and form colonies. As honey bees gather pollen and nectar for their survival, they pollinate...
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PillowTalk: A Smooth Relaxing Ride At Night

I hope you enjoy listening to the love songs on PillowTalk every weeknight from 8pm to midnight. Not only is it extremely gratifying to know that PillowTalk is enjoyed, but I'm also proud of the way the music, the songs and the show is used to help everyone relax at night. An example of this is the...
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