PillowTalk: How Cute Is This?

What a hoot! I can only imagine the joy and surprise of a six year old young lady getting a birthday love dedication on the radio! The reaction of a six year old hearing my voice say " Happy Birthday Janiyah from Waterbury from your Uncle Jeff in Middletown. Your uncle hopes you have the best...
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What Once Was Old Is New Again For Paul Simon

When Paul Simon was considering material for his newest album In The Blue Light , scheduled to be released on September 7th, he decided to look at his own past. Going back as far as 1973's Here Comes Rhymin' Simon , to his more recent So Beautiful Or So What from 2011, Simon went for songs that he...
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PillowTalk: Top Summer Love Songs 10 Years Ago

Depending upon the stage of life you're in or what's happening in your life, it may seem like only yesterday or it may seem like 10 summers ago. In the summer of 2008, Bill Gates stepped down as head of Microsoft to concentrate his efforts on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Boston...
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WATCH: Taylor Swift Gets Stuck Above The Crowd

While performing her hit song " Delicate " during her Reputation Tour in Philadelphia Saturday (7/14) night, a malfunction left Taylor Swift stranded in her sparkly basket above the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field . During the song, she finally relented, "I'm pretty sure I'm stuck up here. It's a...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog July 16, 2018 International Relations

The world continues to be chaotic. Politicians here and abroad have difficulty getting along. Always, it seems, there is another scandal. But, I promise this column is not about politics. It is about people…what I believe to be the inherent good in people and their ability to get along well when...
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Spotlite: The Cove

Kinga Evans and Katie Zullo from The Cove Center for Grieving Children. The Cove provides support, guidance and age appropriate activities for children and teens who are grieving the death of a significant person in their lives, and support and education for their parents or caregivers.
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PillowTalk: Top Summer Love Songs 1998

The summer of 1998: Pete Sampras won Wimbledon, heavy rains flooded China's Yangtze River, The XII AIDS conference was held in Geneva Switzerland. More than 40 tornadoes touched down across the United States over two days in June. Here are a few songs that were on repeat all summer long 20 years...
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PillowTalk: Top Summer Love Songs 1988

Ahh those summer nights...Quiet conversations in the car with the moonroof open under the stars... Snuggling in the hammock in the arms of someone special or sharing a sleeping bag by the campfire. 1988. Was it the summer of your first crush on the lifeguard or your favorite camp counselor...The...
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PillowTalk: Cromwell, Manchester, West Hartford Ignite The Romance

Instant messages from the Lite 100.5 WRCH Facebook page kept the music coming on Wednesday night. Tiffany in Hartford, Sara in Meriden, Loretta in South Windsor all reached out to PillowTalk Thanks for the calls from Barbara in Cromwell, Melissa in Southington, Bob and Ivette from Watertown and...
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Apple Phone Scam Targets Connecticut Residents

A nationwide scam, where callers pose as being from Apple , has been targeting I-Phone users in Connecticut recently. The FBI and U.S. Marshals Service have released official alerts regarding the rash of fraudulent phone calls claiming to be from AppleCare . In fact, Apple, Inc. may even show up on...
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