PillowTalk Love Song Videos Of The Night

A great mix of PillowTalk dedications for a variety of reasons on Wednesday night. Valerie from Canton wanted to hear a song by one of her favorite new artists: Leslie Cours Mather. She made a big splash with her song called I'm A Survivor and she is back again with the follow up, We Should Try...
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NFL Adopts New Policy For Players Who Kneel During The National Anthem

NFL owners came to an agreement during meetings in Atlanta on Wednesday to penalize teams whose players who refuse to stand during the national anthem. Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the owners voted to levy fines against teams if their players are on the field or sidelines but do not stand...
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PillowTalk: Two N.Y.U. Students In The Same Key

Ian from Wallingford and Laura from Haddam met in the same piano class at New York University. To hear Ian tell it from his cell phone in the car, he said, She played hard to get for about 3 months". When Ian recounts this, I can hear Laura getting a chuckle out of it in the background. The song...
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Journey Kicks Off Tour In Hartford

Monday night at the XL Center in Hartford , Journey & Def Leppard began their 60-date show with spectacular sets by each band. In a true co-headlining tour, where the bands will alternate who performs first, each played a 16-song set of their hits. Def Leppard went first here in Connecticut and...
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Memorial Day

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut May 22nd, 2018

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut brought to you by: Vernon Manor Are you still cleaning up from the storms last week? Lots of towns still have places to clean up or things to fix. Leave it to Connecticut ingebuity to solve those peoblems! Learn more about SeeClickFix AND This year marks the...
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Some Manicures Could Cause Skin Cancer

You're probably not concerned with contracting skin cancer when you go to get your nails done. But perhaps you should be. 20-year-old Karolina Jasko , who will be competing in the Miss USA Pageant tonight, knows first-hand just how possible it is to get melanoma at the salon. Two years ago, after a...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog May 21, 2018 Girlfriends

OK, so this column is probably of more interest to women than men. It is about the importance of girlfriends in our lives even if we have a spouse or significant other. Girlfriends are amazing. Even if a woman has a great relationship with a significant other, intimate friends with a couple of...
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Spotlite: Ct Humane Society

Susan Wollschlager from The Connecticut Humane Society discussed being a leading resource in the state for companion animal welfare, enriching the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, education, and prevention of cruelty. They have an amazing fundraiser coming...
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Delilah Dilemma

Laura's Delilah Dilemma

This Delilah Dilemma is from a young woman named Laura. She's married, she's 26 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and the full time, she's been pregnant her husband has not returned from working out of state and refuses to even tell his family that they they are expecting, Laura you're not married...
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