9 Month Old Needs A Mommy and Daddy!

Cutie pie Clove is a shy girl, but once she comes out of her shell, her playful personality is sure to put a smile on your face! This 9-month-old kitty loves to chase her catnip mice around the room, and will pounce on any cat dancer toy you choose! She would love to find a home where she has...
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Try it Tuesday: Fathers Day

Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Father's Day is this weekend, are you still stumped about what to get for your dad? Dad's can be tough to buy for, and if you're still trying to decide between another screwdriver or another wrench, try thinking outside the box! Okay so admittedly slippers dont SOUND like a very exciting idea,...
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David Ortiz Recovering From Surgery After Being Shot In Dominican Republic

Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was shot outside a bar in Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic . on Sunday (6/9) night around 8:50 p.m. local time. Police say Ortiz was ambushed by a man who got off a motorcycle and shot him in the back, although they're not sure if Big Papi was...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog June 10, 2019 Summertime Safety and Fun

Summer vacation is here. While the kids are shouting with joy, parents may find themselves trying not to shout. Having the kids home all day for 8 weeks can be a challenge. It is really important to remember that kids still do best when they have some structure. So, while flexibility is important...
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Spotlite:Community Mental Health Affiliates, Inc (CMHA)

Community Mental Health Affiliates, Inc.(CMHA) is a leading provider of an integrated health and behavioral health care system for children, families and adults. CMHA is headquartered in New Britain, with 11 locations in 3 cities and towns throughout northwest and central Connecticut, and we have...
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch 8am-noon

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! Saturday is the day to explore CT during the 15th annual Connecticut Open House Day. Over 200 events will be held throughout the state. On Sunday morning after a day of exploring, kick back and relax to the sounds of smooth...
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PillowTalk:Keeping Them Together

PillowTalk is the bridge for friends and lovers when life and work get in the way. It must be very difficult especially in the first year of a marriage. But at the same time, you have to do what you have to do. Kimberly and Stephen from Meriden are coming up on their first wedding anniversary on...
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WATCH: Kimmel Finds Canadian Basketball Fans Too Nice To Talk Trash

While the Toronto Raptors battle it out against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals , folks on both side of the border are cheering for their respective teams. And, while trash talking is pretty commonplace amongst sports fans here in the U.S. , that concept seems to elude our neighbors to...
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WATCH: Two Young Girls Rescued After Being Swept Out To Sea On Inflatable Swan

Two little girls in England were enjoying the early days of summer with their family at the shore, just floating on their inflatable swan. Dad was keeping a close eye on the two, and even tightly holding on to a line that was connected to the swan. However, as the winds picked up, Dad lost his grip...
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Joan Dylan Interviews Rita Rudner

We are thrilled to have a dynamic duo-- Louie Anderson and Rita Rudner-- for the 22nd Annual Nite Of Lite Laughter. The show is called "He Said, She Said," so following in that vein we thought it would be fun for the guys to interview Louie and Joan would chat with Rita.
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