PillowTalk:"She's The Only Woman I've Ever Loved"

Michael met Jean in 1976. He was 15 years old. She was 13. Jean and Marianne were best friends. Marianne's boyfriend was Frank. Frank is Michael's brother. Best friends Jean and Marianne had just returned home from a great day of fun at the beach. Marianne came home to her boyfriend Frank's house...
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Yankees Have Unusual Location On The 2020 Schedule

Baseball fans will appreciate the location of one of the New York Yankees games next year. While they've played in London , Mexico City , Japan and even the home of the Little League World Series , Williamsport, Pennsylvania , in 2020 the Bronx Bombers are set to take on the Chicago White Sox in...
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PillowTalk: Given Up On Love?

Have you hit a rough patch when it comes to love relationships? Have you cashed in your last chip for taking a chance on romance? If you've all but given up, this real life PillowTalk love story offers hope. It proves that you can never give up on finding love. Bruce from Westfield was married to...
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Purple Heart Day

August 7th is National Purple Heart Day , commemorating the day in 1782 in Newburgh, New York when General George Washington created the Badge for Military Merit , now known as the Purple Heart . Over the last century, an estimated 1.9 million Purple Hearts have been awarded to men and women...
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Use Your Vacation Days!

Millions of people don't use their vacation days. These are days where you get paid NOT to work. There are a variety of reasons people give for not using vacation time, but if you want to do yourself a favor, take some time. You'll feel better, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Workers who...
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ax throwing

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut August 6th 2019

Have you heard about the latest trend in fun things to do? It’s catching on here in Connecticut, and now it’s a business opportunity for you as well. The newest thing is axe throwing, and there are now four axe-throwing places open – in Newington, Hartford, Wallingford and Wethersfield. And, it’s...
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A quiet Friend Brings Serenity

Beautiful Yuuki is a loyal, quiet friend hoping to form a special bond with someone in her retirement years. She loves being near her people, getting pets, looking out her windows and just soaking up relaxed companionship. She’s not the bravest of kitties, so she’d love a quiet, calm home where she...
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BBQ Seasoning

Try It Tuesday: Miller Foods BBQ Seasoning

When it comes to summer food nothing sounds better than barbecue. Whether you're slathering a rack of ribs in your favorite sauce or finding just the right combo of spices for a good dry rub, barbecue is ALWAYS a big hit. Miller Foods of Avon has come out with a BBQ Seasoning blend that is exactly...
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Kids' Dreams Of Being An Astronaut Not As Popular In The 21st Century

Toward the latter stages of the 20th century, 1960's and 70's especially, many young children dreamed of becoming an astronaut when they grew up. While that dream is still alive, it now ranks 5th on the list of career aspirations according to a new study that involved a survey by toymaker Lego ...
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Spotlite: American Red Cross

This week's guest on Spotlite: Kelly Isenor from The American Red Cross Blood Services discussed the call for blood and platelet donors, the American Red Cross continues to face an emergency blood shortage. All eligible donors are urged to give now.
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