PillowTalk:" You're Never Gonna Hit Me Again

My conversation on Thursday night with JoAnn from Andover started with her talking about her mother going to see Gladys Knight in concert at Mohegan Sun Arena. We ended up talking about her marriage of 42 years to the man who has always been her hero. JoAnn is a Gym Teacher. She has a friend who is...
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The 5 Highest Paid Musicians

Billboard magazine recently put out their list of highest paid musicians here in the U.S. These figures take into account what the artists made in 2018 from sales, streaming, publishing, and touring combined. These are the top 5: #5 - Ed Sheeran - $41.8 million #4 - Kenny Chesney - $42.5 million #3...
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PillowTalk: Summer Love From 6 To 25

A lot to celebrate on Wednesday's PillowTalk. Savanah's relationship is new and exciting. She called from Farmington to dedicate a song to Yangva also of Farmington to wish him a Happy 6 month Anniversary. One Direction is one of their favorite groups. Congratulations. Video of One Direction -...
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WATCH: Girl Sent Flying By Bison At Yellowstone

When you visit Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming , one thing you may notice are the signs warning people not to approach the animals. They are wild animals and their reactions are unpredictible. However, another thing you'll likely notice is that people often don't heed those warnings. The...
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PillowTalk: Labs, Loves & All Of The Above

I don't want to say PillowTalk went to the dogs on Tuesday night but Diana from Coventry started PillowTalk with a dedication to her "kids." For Diana, her kids are her two blonde Labs. Drake and Cyrus chimed in in the background when she called. Diana really didn't have a song so, I came up with a...
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NYPD Told Not To Tolerate Water Dousings

Videos of New York City police officers getting drenched with buckets of water while they were performing their duties have recently been popping up on-line. One such video can be seen below. Video of NYPD COPS GET DOUSED IN WATER | NYPD 73rd PRECINCT COPS GET WATER THROWN AT THEM While the cops...
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Diaper Drive for CRT’s Family Shelter through Friday!

A diaper drive to benefit the families residing at the Community Renewal Team’s (CRT) East Hartford Family Shelter is only runnning through this Friday, July 26. The shelter houses 10 to 12 homeless families with young babies and children in need of sealed, packaged baby care essentials, including...
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PillowTalk:To All The Women In His Life

Rick from Mansfield is inspired by the women in his life and called PillowTalk, the perect vehicle to let them know. Thanks to Ella, Sherry, Marianne, Christina and Karen for the role they have played in enhancing Rick's life. The song that does it for RIck is by Kool and the Gang. Video of...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog July 22, 2019 Phone Etiquette, Mindfulness and Privacy

Recently I had a manicure. It was a lovely 40 minutes carved out of my day. I chatted a bit with the manicurist. True, English was not her native language, but we certainly could communicate. When we were not talking, I took time to breath and relax. I noticed that the woman next to me had 2 phones...
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Spotlite: Christmas Wish CT

This week's guest on Spotlite: Mike Stacy. founder and Head Elf at Christmas Wish CT discussed how Christmaswish CT began in 2004 and has touched many lives granting wishes for food, gifts, warm clothing, and more. They are the definition of #SPIRIT365! There is not a single paid employee. This is...
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