3 Foods You Should Never Wash

Do you rinse your raw chicken in the sink before you cook it? Don't! When you do that you're running the risk of spreading bacteria to anything the water splashes onto; your counter, your utensils, you! That bacteria can carry salmonella and any other number of sickening pathogen. As long as you...
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Pick Your Own Season Begins

Click here for a Summer filled with fun and many times free events through My Ct. Kids If you want to bring the kids to PYO pick your own fruits Strawberries are now in season followed by Blueberries and then peaches. You can click this link that even has a PYO schedule, as well as, A 24 hour...
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PillowTalk: Seizing Her Independence

We've all been there. You have strong feelings for someone but it's a one way street. Even after it's over the special feelings for someone continue. It's so hard to let go. There comes a point where you have to ask yourself, "How long do I continue investing my time, effort and emotion in what is...
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Fun Facts For The Fourth

Here are some interesting statistics about Independence Day from the Statistic Brain Research Institute . See where you fall into the mix and impress your friends and family with your knowledge at your Fourth of July festivities. 63% will attend a fireworks display 66% display an American flag 76%...
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4th of july

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut July 3rd, 2018

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT CONNECTICUT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Vernon Manor Tomorrow, of course, is Independence Day, when we celebrate the day back in 1776 when our country declared itself free from the British. Today, though, let’s talk about a different kind of independence – energy independence...
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Great Formula For Paying Off Debt

I have tried for years to get a handle on the best way to pay bills in a timely manner and eliminate debt. With our son graduating college.... here comes the big bill. Well, about ten years ago I came upon Dave Ramsey, through radio and I have read his books, listened to his podcast and most...
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Planters Cheez Balls Are Back

If you've missed the crunchy goodness that can only be obtained through popping a delicious Cheez Ball into your mouth, you're in luck! Planters has brought back their Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls for at least the summer! The cylindrical blue tins were pulled from store shelves in 2006. But...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Independence Day…The importance of freedom July 4 2018

The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. But the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution (1775-83). In June 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies then fighting in...
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Spotlite: Eat the Sunlight

Kevin W. Reese discusses his previous health battles that helped him creat a method called the Three D's (Diet, De-Stress & Detox). The Three D's has become the the structure to The Sunlight Shift, his 1-Year lifestyle program where fruits and vegetables are a major component to living a...
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch

Welcome to the Companions & Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! This Sunday on the "Brunch" we'll get you ready for the Independence Day holiday with a relaxing morning of smooth jazz. Even though the heat index may reach over 100, the music will be cool and soothing from 8 until noon...
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