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A new Russian company has big plans. They want to sell advertising in the night sky. That's right, no more star gazing without seeing a corporate logo in your face. Sounds great, doesn't it? No, I didn't think so either. The startup is called StartRocket , and they want to use an array of tiny...
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Family Friendly Long Drive For Furniture

Wednesday night was a busy one on the PillowTalk love lines. A particular bright spot came from Lisa of Bristol. She put on PillowTalk to smooth out a long distance ride from New Haven back to her home. "My kids and I, it's a late night trip for us, had to drive down to Ikea to pick up some...
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Fewer Avocados Available For Big Game Guacamole

The Mexican government has altered the distribution system of its state-run oil company, in an attempt to prevent theft. However, those changes have led to frustrating shortages during the adjustment period. Specifically for workers in Mexico ’s top avocado producing state. They may have a hard...
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PillowTalk: Can't Wait To Get Together

One of the more pleasurable things about PillowTalk is to hear the happiness in listener's voices when they call in to make dedications. Many times it has to do with anticipation of what's to come. Such was the case on Tuesday night when Patrick from Avon called the PillowTalk love lines to get his...
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UFO Sightings In Connecticut Eclipse 100

When someone sees something unrecognizable in the air, there are a number of places they can report that sighting; if they choose. One place that takes those reports is the National UFO Reporting Center located in Davenport, Washington . NUFORC identifies the location, time, duration and...
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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut January 15th, 2019

Nowadays, every business is a tech business. There are computers in your refrigerator, all kinds of companies are looking for ways to use big data, and cybersecurity is critical to everyone. Businesses need people who can develop apps and write software – in fact, just here in Connecticut we’ll...
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Clemson Football Team Set To Visit White House

It's been a long standing tradition for teams who have won national championships to be invited to the White House. Same goes for the latest college national football champion Clemson Tigers who are scheduled to visit the president tonight (Monday, January 14, 2019). Some people don't think they...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 14, 2019 Teens and Risky Behaviors

I am sure many of you have either seen or heard about the Netflix movie The Bird Box. Netflix has had to issue a warning to people not to try to do things blindfolded. This may seem rather obvious. But, as we all know, teens love to try crazy, risky things and many jump at the chance of a challenge...
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Spotlite: American GreenFuels

This weeks guest on Spotlite: Paul Teta, Vice President, Government & Public Affairs Kolmar Americas,Inc. American GreenFuels, LLC, discussed Biodiesel being a renewable, cleaner burning alternative to diesel. American GreenFuels is a Connecticut based producer and they are encouraging people...
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