Lorriana Is a Friend In Need

A freckled Fashionista!
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Sparkle Will Light Your Heart Up!

Sparkle Will Make Your Heart Shine!
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Our Companions September Pets of the Month

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue in Ashford brings two adorable pets looking for homes in for a visit with Allan, Mike & Mary. Are you there peeps?
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A Beer For Your Dog? Busch Releases New 'Dog Brew'

Dog owners are being encouraged to crack open a cold one with man’s best friend, as Busch releases what it’s calling Dog Brew — a “beer” for your dog.
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These Are the Top Dog Names of 2020

We know why: Your neighbor’s dogs aren’t named Fido anymore, or Rover or Spot. Trupanion, which is a medical insurance company for pets, released its list of top names ahead of National Dog Day next Wednesday.
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Dennis Quaid Adopts Shelter Cat Also Named Dennis Quaid: 'I Just Couldn't Resist'

The ‘Parent Trap’ actor, 66, adopted a cat named after himself. He first learned about the animal when he came across a piece about the cat that was run by a Roanoke, Virginia-based news station.
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Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty After 210 Cats Found

A southwest Michigan woman has been charged with animal cruelty after authorities took away more than 210 cats that were found in two of her homes.
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Company Offering Employees $300 for Pet Adoption And 'Pawternity' Leave

A Texas-based company knows the importance of pets in their employees’ lives, so they are offering $300 annually for any employee who adopts a new pet, as well as offering a ‘pawternity leave.’
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Study Makes Link Between People and Pets Who Test Positive for COVID-19

Early results from a study out of Texas A&M show a connection between households with positive COVID cases in Texas and their pets carrying the virus.
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Our Companions August Pets of the Month

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue in Ashford brings prospective pet adoptees Pumpkin and Tucker to meet Allan, Mike & Mary.
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