Jean-Claude Van Damme saves Chihuahua from being euthanized due to passport scandal

Jean-Claude Van Damme can add puppy savior to his extensive resume. The Belgian actor recently intervened in an international situation involving a puppy Chihuahua named Raya. Read the full story now.
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Adorable puppy born with rare green fur gets the perfect name

An Italian farmer got the most adorable surprise when his dog, Spelacchia, welcomed a litter of five pups and one emerged with green fur. So he named him Pistachio. See the puppy pics!
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Hottest dog costumes for Halloween 2020

Searches for dog Halloween costumes have spiked, with people willing to invest in their pets despite the pandemic. Here’s a look at the most popular picks for 2020.
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Animal shelter waives adoption fees for its 'most overlooked' animals

PAWS Chicago will waive adoption fees Monday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Oct. 25 for select, long-term adult dogs and cats during its “Don’t Forget About Me” adoption event.
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Our Companions October Pets of the Month

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue joins Allan, Mike & Mary with adorable pets looking for families.
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Who's A Good Boy? Tucker!

Are you are looking for a guy who will be your snuggle buddy?
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Decorations, candy, moldy pumpkins: How to keep your pets safe during Halloween

Halloween could be a real scary time of year for your pets. Candy, costumes and even old pumpkins could be harmful if ingested, and unfortunately, choking and poisoning hazards are all around this time of year.
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Lorriana Is a Friend In Need

A freckled Fashionista!
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Sparkle Will Light Your Heart Up!

Sparkle Will Make Your Heart Shine!
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Our Companions September Pets of the Month

Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue in Ashford brings two adorable pets looking for homes in for a visit with Allan, Mike & Mary. Are you there peeps?
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