Meet Acacia!

It's Twins! Acacia and Oakley

You need these two kitties in your life, right?!?!
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Meet Ripley from Our Companions Animal Rescue

If you love cats, Ripley could be your new bff from Our Companions Animal Rescue
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orange kitty

Shes So Pretty and Wants to Love You!

A Freckled Fashionista!
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4 Green Ways to Treat and Play With Your Pets

Taking care of your beloved pet and the earth can go hand-in-hand. There are small steps any pet mom or dad can take to improve the quality of their animal’s life and the world around them.
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Pedigree Is Hosting Virtual Dog Adoptions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you lonely during the coronavirus pandemic? Pedigree, the company known for its dog food, is hosting dog adoptions via Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Pets Make Everything Better!

Playful, affectionate, handsome!
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CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines to Pets Amid Coronavirus

Do pets have to social distance during the coronavirus pandemic? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended social distancing guidelines to pets amid the coronavirus.
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People Are Walking Strange 'Pets' to Get Around Stay-at-Home Orders

With stay-at-home orders in effect around the globe amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many are getting creative with ways they can effectively get some fresh air while dodging charges for not being in their homes.
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Woman's 'Genius' Peanut Butter Hack Allows Her to Painlessly Cut Dog's Nails

Anyone who has ever tried to cut a dog’s nails knows that it is an impossible feat. One woman came up with a ‘genius’ hack involving peanut butter on her forehead that easily got the job done. Check it out.
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Our Companions April Pets of the Month

Allan, Mike & Mary are joined by Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue with two pets looking for a family to adopt them.
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