Spotlite: Ct Humane Society

Susan Wollschlager from The Connecticut Humane Society discussed being a leading resource in the state for companion animal welfare, enriching the lives of families and communities through adoption services, medical care, education, and prevention of cruelty. They have an amazing fundraiser coming...
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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut May 15, 2018

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut is brought to you by: Vernon Manor Connecticut is famous around the world for lots of things I could spend this entire report just naming them all And now we can add one more to the list! AND Everyone’s buzzing about Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s upcoming...
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Spotlite AIDS Connecticut

Our Guest this week on Spotlite is Latoya Taylor from AIDS CT. AIDS Connecticut (ACT), in partnership with its member agencies, improves the lives of people impacted by HIV through care and supportive services, housing, advocacy and prevention. Main Office 110 Bartholomew Ave Suite 3050 Hartford,...
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Dr. Elaine Ducharme Podcast: May 7th, 2018

Dr. Elaine Ducharme paid a visit to Allan, Mike & Mary to discuss May being Mental Health Awareness month and understanding mental illness.. https://www.nami.org/Local-NAMI?state=CT. Tel: 860-882-0236 http://portal.ct.gov/services/health-and-human-services/health-and-welln... http://www.ct.gov/...
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This week on Rich Answers, Rev. Dr. Shelley Best talks with Laura Le. Laura is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. The two will be touching on such topics as The scienece behind Laughter Yoga and why the need for laughter has increased. Music in this week's show is provided by Tamela Mann,...
Song Secret

Song Secret:A Disco Hit The Bands Second Time Around

The song was co-written by the same guy who wrote "I Want You Back" and "ABC" for the Jackson 5. The band had some hits starting in 1967, but broke up in 1970 when one of them entered the police academy and became a Washington DC Policeman. Reuniting in 1976 with the same name, but a different...
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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut March 20th, 2018

We love to brag about Connecticut – as you can tell – and one reason we love Connecticut is our unsurpassed quality of life Now, think about all the factors that go into quality of life.. We have all four seasons, great schools, a terrific location, mountains, seashore... But what would you say is...
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Rich Answers: Brandon Frame

Rev. Dr. Shelley Best and the Connecticut Alliance To End Sexual Violence talk about thoughts on #METOO, thoughts on Donald Trump's statement on grabbing women by the privates and other topics.
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Delilah Dilemma: He Is Desperately In Love With Her

Delilah says, It's going to kill you Buddy!
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This Diamond Will Forever Shine: Neil Cancels Tour With Diagnosis

"There are two types of people in the world: those that love Neil Diamond and those who don't"
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