Public Affairs

Rich Answers: Robin Clare Co-Founder Of 3 Spiritual Organizations

Topics like growing up Jewish, The Kabala, coming out of the spiritual closet.
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Rich Answers: Phillip Galbert, Founder & CEO Of The Positive Vibes Project

This week on Rich Answers, Rev. Dr. Shelley Best once again talks with Phillip Galbert, the founder and CEO of the Positive Vibes Project.
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Spotlite: Our Companions Animal Rescue

Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.
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Spotlite: Epilepsy Foundation of CT

Ian Race from the Epilepsy Foundation discussed The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut"s dedication to improving the lives of people with epilepsy and their families.
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Spotlite: New England Donor Services

Mark Brevard , Public Affairs Specialist for New England Donor Services & Carolyn Fletcher, Donor Mom and volunteer discussed raising punblic awareness to the topic of organ donation.
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