PillowTalk: The Way To Relax At Night

It's so nice to hear from listeners that they turn to PillowTalk to relax at night. There are a lot of different reason why they call to make dedications. Colby from Waterbury called on Thursday to make things right again with Nina. Nina is all the way across the nation in Orange County, California...
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This Year's Kennedy Center Honorees

Musical group Earth, Wind and Fire (pictured) and singer Linda Ronstadt are among the 2019 class of Kennedy Center Honors recipients. Others chosen to receive the award for lifetime achievement in the arts include actress Sally Field , conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and the long-running children’s...
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PillowTalk: "Always Special No Matter What We Do"

Their friendship is six years in the making. First-time PillowTalk caller Jeff from Bristol called us on his way home on Wednesday night. "It's always been a little bit more than friends, me and her", he told me. "We 've known each other for six years and we're just getting back together. It's...
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Keep Your Pets Safe From The Heat

You may enjoy a cocktail when it gets hot out, but that's not really a good idea for your pet. And with record heat expected this weekend, here are some ways to make sure your furry friend stays safe: Shade and water - Protect your pet from the sun's rays and make sure they stay hydrated. No cars...
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PillowTalk: Full Circle After 40 Years

At the time they were both young kids and both in Wallingford to see The Osmonds. Eileena (pronounced E-I-leena) was at the first of several shows with her mother. Before leaving Wallingford she would purchase tickets for The Osmonds last show in the series. She would also meet in the crowd and...
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Feds Warn People Not To Storm Area 51

A facebook event that popped up recently asking people to storm Area 51 in Nevada has gained serious momentum in the days since. Area 51 is the notorious location that has been rumored to be the location where the U.S. Air Force has taken captured UFO's and some have even claimed that actual aliens...
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Dr. Ducharme's Blog Vacation is over…now what? July 15, 2019

I was sitting with a patient the other day who had just returned from a lovely time at the beach. She was commenting on how nice it was to not have to set an alarm in the morning and be able to relax and look at the ocean while drinking her coffee. Truthfully, I was feeling the same way. I just...
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Spotlite: The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut

Ian Race from the Epilepsy Foundation discussed The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut's dedication to improving the lives of people with epilepsy and their families. They are Connecticut's only affiliate of the national Epilepsy Foundation. Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut, Inc. 386 Main Street...
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch 8am-Noon

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! To do, or not to do, that is the question. Summertime fun is plentiful this weekend with choices such as: The Greater Hartford Shakespeare Festival, Riverfront Food Truck Festival or New London’s Sailfest. After a busy...
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PillowTalk: Somewhere In The Crowd

Throughout your life you have probably heard someone say that "there is someone out there for everyone". Almost every year, thousands of people attend ethnic festivals in Connecticut and beyond. They are usually filled with food, fun, families, friends, music and lots of ethnic pride. The annual...
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