Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch 8am-noon

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! As the hectic Thanksgiving holiday weekend winds down reserve some time to relax. Join us this Sunday for a soothing morning of smooth jazz. Kick back and relax from 8am-noon as we feature the best of smooth jazz Christmas...
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Coming Home For The Holiday

PillowTalk: Coming Home For The Holiday

It's a special occasion this Thanksgiving weekend for Colin and Demetri. Colin used to live and work in Farmington, not far from the Lite 100.5 WRCH studios. Now Colin lives in Scotland. Scotland, the country of the United Kingdom, not Scotland, CT. So does Colin's friend Demetri It's Demetri's...
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Busiest Airports In America

There's not much you can do at this point if your holiday travel plans take you to, or through, one of these airports. However, if they do, you can at least be prepared that you're more likely to encounter a delay at one of these hubs. That, of course, is under normal circumstances. If inclement...
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Tips To Keep Your Thanksgiving Fire Free

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, followed by Christmas Day , Christmas Eve , and the day before Thanksgiving . In 2017, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 1,600 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day . The leading cause of these fires and fire deaths was unattended...
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small business saturday

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut November 26th, 2019

Here’s a new twist on an old saying: In Connecticut, businesses are putting their money where their confidence it. They’re confident enough in their futures and the future of the state that they’re making multi-million-dollar investments in expanding their facilities and creating jobs. We'll give...
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Ready For PillowTalk Holiday Romance

PillowTalk: Putting Romance In Your Holidays

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Credit: Elenathewise / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Tips To Make Your Holiday Air Travel More Enjoyable

Here are some suggestions from airline industry experts on how you can make your holiday air travel more enjoyable, not just for yourself, but for those around you, too. Arrive at the airport with more time than you think you need. Your plane won't wait for you. Keep your hands to yourself...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Thanksgiving 2019 Being Thankful

As I sat down to write this blog I realized that for the last several years my blogs have talked about our nation coping with terrible political divides, mass shootings in schools and religious institutions, catastrophic weather events and individuals finally coming out and talking about past...
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Spotlite: Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services

This weeks guest on Spotlite : Chrysalis Domestic Violence Services discussed promoting healthy relationships, safe families, violence free communities and the services they offer. 24 Hour Emergency Hotline: Chrysalis offers hotline services that are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. By...
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Friday Night PillowTalk Love Fest

PillowTalk: A Friday Night Free-For-All

PillowTalk dedications came in from all directions for a variety of reasons on Friday night. They ranged from Jenelle from Hampden, MA playing a song by Bob Carlisle in memory of her Godmother Phyllis. Percy in North Haven playing a song for his long lost love Winnie from many years ago. Vanessa...
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