Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut July 9th, 2019

One thing we love about Connecticut is that we’ve got so many great places to live. That’s one reason that there’s no state with a better quality of life than ours. At this time of the year we’re all thinking about the beach, right? For lots of us, living near the beach is the ideal, and if that’s...
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PillowTalk: The Final Ingredient To The Perfect Day

What better way to end the day than with a PillowTalk dedication to someone you love. Deyon from West Hartford loves an area of beach in Narragansett, RI, near Point Judith. Monday, both she and her sister Arlene had the day off and spent a "girls day" or in this case "sisters day" at the beach. On...
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Duran Duran Preparing For Moon Landing Anniversary Concert

The Apollo mission that first landed men on the moon, is celebrarting it's 50th anniversary this month. In commemoration of that historic event, Duran Duran will be performing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 16th in front of a backdrop featuring the Saturn 1B launch vehicle as well...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog Having a Safe and Enjoyable Summer July 8, 2019

Summer generally brings thoughts of fun, sun and relaxation for kids. But it can bring increase stress to parents. Finding money for camp, daycare and other summer activities, the need to rearrange work schedules and even just spending more time with your kids can be difficult. Here are a few tips...
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Spotlite: Our Companions Animal Rescue

Our Spotlite guest this week is Susan Linker from Our Companions Animal Rescue. Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.
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Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch 8am-Noon

Welcome to the Companions and Homemakers Sunday Morning Smooth Jazz Brunch! The Independence holiday celebration continues throughout Southern New England this weekend. After a busy Saturday of activities, we invite you to kick back and relax on Sunday morning. Join us from 8am-noon for a morning...
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PillowTalk: They Hadn't Danced Together In A Long Time

Ed and Lisa from East Hampton have known each other for 42 years. For 39 of those years they have been married. Ed called PillowTalk on Friday night to request a song and told me that it has been many years since he and his wife have danced together. He asked that I play their wedding song they...
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Kick Off Your Shoes And Get Outside

When's the last time you walked through your yard without wearing shoes? There's a good chance you haven't done it since you were a kid. And many parents today don't want their children to go anywhere without sneakers on their feet. But there's plenty of good reasons to get out, and feel the grass...
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PillowTalk: The Mother Daughter Bridge

If you have someone you love who is far away and want to stay connected with a PillowTalk dedication, remember you can both listen by Downloading the RADIO.COM app. Carolyn from Ansonia was thinking about her daughter Amanda in Gardner, NC. Amanda is expecting a baby girl who will be named Loretta...
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PillowTalk: Expressing Strong Relationships

The love lines are lighting up like fireworks in the sky so far this summer. Friends and lovers are expressing deep love and strength in their relationships. Yaminni and Daniel both live in different parts of New York City and were together visiting Litchfield county on Wednesday night. Yaminni...
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