PillowTalk:"Fuller And Deeper Every Day"

A great enthusiastic call from Karen in Bristol on Wednesday night. She talked with me about her relationship with her husband Chuck and why she loves him so much. Karen met Chuck when she was 18 and they were both working for the same distributor. Right from the outset she could tell they had a...
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Louisiana First State To Conduct Independent Study On 5G

The Louisiana House unanimously voted to have the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health study the effects of 5G technology on the environment and public health. While this new technology is being put in place in cities all across the country designed to make...
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PillowTalk: Something For Everyone

Another bunch of great PillowTalk dedications starting with one for the youngest among us. Wishing Colton a very happy 3rd Birthday this week from his mother Maggie and sister Honey. Wishing him sweet dreams on a PillowTalk night on his birthday, we went with a song by Roy Orbison. Happy Birthday...
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Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut October 22nd, 2019

Did you know October is Manufacturing Month? It’s true. This is the month we salute the forty-five-hundred companies and the one-hundred-sixty-thousand people in Connecticut who make all the things we use every day. And make no mistake, manufacturing is alive and well in Connecticut – in fact,...
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The Netherlands Has Eliminated Their Stray Dog Problem

The Netherlands used to have a big problem with stray dogs; but not anymore. Before you jump to conclusions, you should know they've done it without the use of euthanasia. So how was this accomplished? Many cities imposed massive taxes on store-bought dogs. This, in turn, caused people to adopt...
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PillowTalk: Winning Tickets Just In Time For Birthday

Fathers were on the minds of PillowTalk listeners on Monday night and one of them perfectly coincided with a ticket giveaway PillowTalk is doing this week. First Bethany called from Middletown called to play a song in memory of her father Douglas, The third anniversary of his passing is coming up...
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Photos: Nite Of Lite Laughter Live At The Bushnell

See photos from the 22nd Annual Nite of Lite Laughter at The Bushnell, featuring "He said/ She Said" with Louie Anderson and Rita Rudner! All photos courtesy Toni Federici.
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Payback For Non-Smokers

For every employee that's watched their co-workers cut out of work for 10 minutes to go have a smoke, and thought it was unfair that they continued to do their job without a break and see no retribution for it, one company is changing that. Piala, Inc. , a marketing company based in Tokyo , is...
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Dr. Ducharme’s Blog October 21, 2019 Co Parenting Halloween

Halloween is almost here. This is a holiday truly meant for kids to enjoy. However, divorce brings a number of challenges to families who are trying to co-parent and may or may not all get along. Here are a few tricks to make Halloween a treat for the kids and let the parents enjoy the holiday as...
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Spotlite:The St. Francis Comprehensive Women’s Health Center

Dr. Anita Kelsey, Dr. Kim Caprio & Dr. Kathleen Mueller from The St. Francis Comprehensive Women’s Health Center discussed disease prevention in women including risk assessment of breast cancer and heart disease. Click HERE for a link for more information Every woman who has ever had a...
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