Song Secret

Song Secret:The Writer Offered The Song To Toni Basil First

Toni turned it down and the next person in line decided to take a break from music and raise a family. This band got it next and it ended up being their biggest hit.
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Song Secret:Song Title From A Party Guest Messing Up Names

He wrote the song in Africa. It was about a man undergoing a mid-life crisis, and the song title came from an experience the writer had with a house party guest who couldn't get his or his wife Peggy's name right. Here is the story.
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Song Secret: Started As Just An Instrumental

The song was written on the piano with no lyrics. The writers thoughts of the homeless and needy came out when he played it. It got a Grammy for Record Of The Year.
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Song Secret: Written As A Song Of Faith

The Saxaphone player of this band was in religious studies when he read a scripture about the angels dancing and celebrating the birth of Adam. It ended up being the bands only #1 Hit! Here is the story.
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Song Secret: It Was Written About A Band Members Friend

From 1979, the song was written on piano and was 16 minutes long before they trimmed it down for the album. It was written about a band members friend. Here is the story.
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Song Secret: He Wrote It About A Girl He Loved In His Teens

This Song Secret is from 1991. It is about unrequited love and nobody in the band thought it would be a hit. He wrote it about a girl he loved in his teens. Here is the story.
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Song Secret: The Song Went From 52 to #1

This song secret is from 2002. The song broke the record for the biggest jump to #1 in the history of the US Hot 100 music chart. It went from #51 to #1 within a week of being released. Here is the story. Song Secret:Went from 52 to 1 In Just A Week
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A view during Music Camp Studio Day with Ross Copperman and Carrie Underwood at Belmont University's Ocean Way Nashville Studios

Song Secret: An 11 Year Old Grammy Nominee

This Song Secret is from 1997 and one of the band members was only 11 years old. They were nominated for a Grammy. Here is the story.
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Song Secret: Lyrics Were Pulled Out Of A Hat

The song came out in 1996 and was covered on Glee in 2012. Written by the singer, her guitar player and drummer in New Orleans. Here is the story
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