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tell me something good May 26 2020

Free Online training for out of work Nutmeggers. Outdoor facilities open with new covid-19 precautions. Outdoor dining options. Mary Scanlon tells all in this...

Rich Answers - Shake It Off

This week Rev. Dr. Shelley Best delivers more words of wisdom as we get ready to readjust to what we call life. Take heed to these words and keep moving...

David Skoczulek i-Care HN May 22

David Skoczulek, Vice President of Business Development for i-Care Health Network and Touchpoints Rehabilitation joins Allan, Mike & Mary to talk about how...

DrDucharme Thursday may 21

Resilience and the CT Psychological Association's Offer of Free Counseling for Frontline Workers affected by the coronavirus crisis. Dr. Elaine Ducharme joins...

Mystic Aquarium May 20 WRCH

Mystic Aquarium is part of Connecticut's Phase 1 of reopening. Find out how first responders/essential workers can visit first and when it opens to the public...

Columbia Dental May 19 2020

Allan,, Mike & Mary spoke with Abbas Mohammadi, DDS from Columbia Dental in the Local Scoop. What procedures are currently being offered? What is...